Amazon Prime – Next day delivery, if they can be bothered to ring the buzzer

I don’t want my blog to just become a place where I post criticisms about companies, but sometimes things really rile me up in a bad way.

I’ve been a huge advocate for Amazon for a long time now, I thought the idea of prime was fantastic – need something tomorrow? Sure just fire up the Amazon app and select it and bam, there it is the next day.

In principle that’s amazing, in reality Amazon Logistics (their carrier) have about the same work ethic as the staff from Yodel.

The first few times deliveries didn’t come the next day I just shrugged it off. It only happened sort of 1 in 10 orders – I assumed I’d missed the buzzer or something. However, this time I desperately needed a part to be delivered next day, so I logged in to Amazon and bought what I needed, smug in the knowledge that the next day my package would be there.

Being Christmas week, I understand that things are going to get mega busy for companies like Amazon, the odd slip up is understandable. Monday crops around and at 1:30pm I get a notificaiton on my phone that the delivery has been attempted and failed. Seems odd, I was sat in my office next to the buzzer and there’s a manned reception that can take deliveries. Frustrated I contacted Amazon who tell me that the delivery will be attempted the next day.

Now, today is the next day, the 23rd of December. With the office closed tomorrow it’s imperative that the item gets delivered today. I made a point of making sure I had everything I needed in the office for the day, I wasn’t moving for anything!

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This is very curious though, no card had been left, no buzzer had been rung, oh I see. The guy didn’t even attempt to deliver it. Thanks mate, appreciated.

So of course, this upset me and I picked up the phone and decided to give them a call, after speaking to someone for 5 minutes that really didn’t care about the problem but just wanted to rebook the delivery for the next day I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor seemed helpful and very apologetic. She told me that she was going to contact Amazon Logistics and try and get them to redeliver today. Happy days! She said she’d call me back a bit later to confirm what was going on.

So appeased I carried on with my day. 3pm roles around and I realised I’d not heard from the Amazon lady so I jumped on to their live chat to find out what was going on. It was hard work.

Initial Question: Hi, My order was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but it wasn’t, then it was supposed to be delivered today – but the guy just didn’t turn up. I phoned earlier and spoke to a supervisor who said they were going to try and make them come back today and that she would ring me back. That was at 11am, no call back yet

03:24 PM GMT Jameel(Amazon): Hello, my name is Jameel. I’m sorry to hear about this. I’ll be glad to help you.
03:25 PM GMT Jameel(Amazon): I understand you haven’t received the order yet.
Is this the item we talking about?

Innoo Tech**Hard Drive Caddy Tray for Apple Unibody MacBook / MacBook Pro 13 15 17
03:25 PM GMT Tom Beech: yes
03:26 PM GMT Jameel(Amazon): Tom, as I can see that Delivery was attempted today at 11:02 am. however you didn’t get the parcel yet.
In this case I will just rearrange delivery for tomorrow, and I will add delivery preferences to leave the parcel with your neighbor or at any safe place, If in case you are not at home.

Straight away I’m upset, Jameel hasn’t read anything about what I’ve said and has just jumped to the ‘we’ll redeliver it tomorrow’ line. Not really good enough, no ones here tomorrow, it’s an office and tomorrow is Christmas eve.

So the chat goes on for a while, until this beaut pops up.

03:33 PM GMT Jameel(Amazon): I understand you Tom, however we don’t have option to redeliver the parcel today. because we can contact to the carrier via email. so if you want to speak over the phone, I can arrange call for you and you can speak with them and ask for Supervisor.

Ah, darn. The supervisor who helped me earlier just said that to get me off the phone. Don’t I feel special now. I think you’ll understand why I was upset by this revelation. I asked the guy on the chat to put me through to a supervisor on the phone who could go through my problem with me as we’d hit a brick wall on the chat. I guess my tone was kind of harsh, but I was really frustrated at this point.

03:43 PM GMT Jameel(Amazon): I understand you Tom, however I can arrange delivery for tomorrow or if you want I can arrange call for you and you can ask for delivery toddy on the call.
03:44 PM GMT Tom Beech: Just do the call, it’s clear you’re not going to help me at all. Please put me through to a supervisor and don’t make me go through someone to have to explain all of this again. I want to talk to someone who knows before i speak to them what’s going on
03:45 PM GMT Jameel(Amazon): Sure. Is it your contact number *******?

Magically 5 seconds later my phone rings. Nuts, he’s put me through to the generic customer service centre who have no idea who I am or why i’m on the phone. Terrific. A few grons later and I ask to be put through to a supervisor. Luckily I only had to wait 10 mins on the phone for one to pop up. We had a brief chat and I asked her to look over the notes of my previous calls and online chat.

What chats?

It seems my lovely supervisor friend I made this morning at 11am had decided not to escalate my call to logistics or write about my phone call for someone else to deal with. The lady on the phone even asked me if I knew the name of the person who I spoke to this morning. So now I have no order, no complaint logged and I’ve been lied to by pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to at Amazon today. Way to go guys, top customer sevice. You too can get this great injustice for just £79.99 a year! What a bargain!

Out of sheer frustration I’ve now cancelled the order.  It’s simple, you can’t rely on Amazon Primes next day delivery.

You can read my online chat in full here:


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