Fedora upgrade from 16 to 17 fail

I’ve recently tried to upgrade Fedora from 16 to 17 on my Asus Eee Box and was given a lovely error telling me an unhandled exception had occurred.

This is caused by a bit of a bug where it struggles to figure out which hard drive to upgrade. In my case it was due to having network storage set in /etc/fstab which I had t comment (#) out. I also changed drives mounted by UUID to their device id (eg. /dev/sda1) having read this is also an issue, probably where the UUID is wrong or for old partitions no longer in existance.

I’ve also read it can be due to partition table problems or mess. To fix this run this (change device id to your own):

fdisk -u /dev/sda

Then in order press these keys:

x – enter to advanced options
f – fix partition order
w – write partition table.


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