Newznab frequently asked questions

Here are a list of Newznab frequently asked questions I’ve noticed in IRC the past few days. This is a list that will grow as I think of more. But essentially, it should help.

Right, lets crack on!

I’ve installed…but none of my links are working!
Read INSTALL.TXT Allowoverride All must be set in your apache vhost conf.

Set: error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_STRICT – in php.ini.

Does my USP support compressed headers?
If it’s not Astra Web.. No

I’ve run update_binaries.php but I’m not getting any releases!
If you are not using newznab+ you will need to create some regex in admin/regex-list.php. If you are using newznab+ ensure your ID is in place to receive all user contributed regex.

That’s strange, I have got nn+ but still no releases
Well young fellow, make sure you’ve added your Newznab ID in Admin/Site-edit and run update_releases to download the regexs.

HELP! I’ve donated and can’t get on the SVN link!
The svn link in the email is an SVN link and not a http link – Make sure you’re using an svn client. Please note the username and password are NOT the same. Do not copy and paste them. Type them out.

What the hell is SVN?

I’m not getting any covers for my music etc
You need the amazon etc api keys.

To get your key(s) 1) Goto and sign in. 2) Click Account on the top menu bar and select Security Credentials. 3) Scroll down to the section that says Access Credentials. 4) You also need to sign up here for an affiliate key Covers for console/book/music are picked up at 100 per iteration.

Step 6 of the install just goes to a blank page for me 🙁
Make sure you’ve not edited the folder structure of newznab IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU CHANGE IT!!!

When should I be running a cron file?
NO NO NO NO CRONS! If you’re running linux. Run the newznab_screen script in newznab/misc/update_scripts/nix_scripts. If windows, newznab/misc/update_scripts/win_scripts Runme.bat


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  1. Do you know why a lot of releases are showing under 100% filesize and never updating? If I check other indexers I see them at 100% but mine are sometimes stuck at 20%.

    • It could be to do with your Usenet Provider

      • Recieving the following error when running runme.bat , would this be solved by the 2nd answer relating to editing the PHP.INI file?

        Strict Standards: Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statica
        lly, assuming $this from incompatible context in C:\xampp\htdocs\nnplus\www\lib\
        binaries.php on line 249

  2. Great article.

    When running backfill.php I keep getting Killed and then having to start it again.

    Have you ever seen that before?

  3. Are the Amazon API keys free to use? When I sign up its asking for credit card info.

  4. Hi Tom,

    Have you setup Sphinx? I “think” I have, a test query from the command line works but I’m not sure if the newznab search is using it as it doesn’t appear to me any faster…

  5. Tom, could you please explain how to update a windows installation to the the latest build? Thanks.

  6. Any idea why, some catagories show empty when browsing (Console / Audio, etc) but when I browse by groups, there is stuff in those catagories.

    Ex: Browse by group. See in console -> ps3 listed. Go to the dropdown, choose Console, then PS3. Nothing there.

  7. i am trying to test my connection for my news server setup but when i do this i get an error:

    Warning: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Unable to find the socket transport “ssl” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?) in C:\xampp\htdocs\nnplus\www\lib\Net_NNTP\NNTP\Protocol\Client.php on line 561

    How can i fix this?

  8. Hi Tom, has anyone written or considered writing a script to clear the mySQL database and start with a new one? Reason I ask is that while initially setting up, its easy to quickly fill a database with undesirable content before you learn what you’d rather index.
    I just wish there was an easier way than having to re-install… and setup everything again.

  9. If I backfill with a bunch of nzbs, then set the backfill to 1000 in the settings, will it know that I already have a backfill or will it redownload everything again?thanks!

  10. Hi,

    My favourite shows are all uploaded to the etc group but my NN+ doesn’t have a specific regex for this group so it is picking up very few releases from it. Other index sites show the shows from this group. Any info on how to get or create a regex for this group would be great.


    • You could copy regexes from other groups, but go for only the very successful ones, and set the ordinal to a higher number than is currently there or you risk overriding earlier successful regexes which could lead to screwed up naming of releases.

  11. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the excellent guide, and the humour in it haha 🙂

    I got Newznab+ installed and would like to receive the regex. Therefore I decided to run the update_release.php. Unfortunately, it’s exactly this script where I am having issues with. I did a copy & past. Could you take a look and maybe provide me with some insight? (I am guessing that these errors have something to do with maybe an old version? However I am running PHP 5.3.8)

    • OK more late replies from me this week – again to help anyone in the future.

      As a general rule I run these scripts from the folder they’re in, so cd to C:\xampp\htdocs\nnplus\misc\update_scripts\ in this case and then just do php update_releases.php

  12. Tom – I just ran ‘svn update’ from /var/www/newznab/ and now my category links are broken (and apparently only my category links). All other links seem find. The link is broken for anything under movies, tv, music, etc. but admin, browse, search, my cart, etc. are all working fine.

    Any thoughts. I’ve googled for the last hour but can’t seem to find a solution.


  13. Why no cron ?

  14. I am trying to set up newznab classic on ubuntu and I admit I do not konw what I am doing.

    I used a guide I found and everything went very smoothly. When I finally got to localhost/admin it is not running the scripts. I opened terminal and ran /%path%/update_scripts/update_binaries.php and I get the following:

    no such file or directorye_scripts/update_binaries.php

    line 1: ?php
    line 2: $’\r’: command not found
    line 3: sytax error near unexpeted token ‘”config.php”‘
    line 3: ‘require(“conf’g.php”);

    Is it easy to tell what I did wrong from this?

    • An uber late response but in case it helps anyone in future, %path% is just meant as a variable to indicate the folder location of your newznab install, eg %path% would likely be /var/www/newznab/misc/ in this instance.

  15. Silly Question…
    Does it cost anything to use your own Amazon API Keys?

  16. Can anybody tell me the trick to applying for Amazon API keys? I’m setting up my newznab deployment for personal use only, there’s never going to be a public site available. Amazon are quite specific in their questioning during the applications process, and I didn’t know how to answer many of the questions, because I’m never going to use the API to monetize anything.
    The keys I was initially given worked fine and I was able to draw cover art into my listings, But within two days I had a mail from Amazon saying that because I don’t have a site available for them to look at they were rescinding my access.
    How do the rest of you deal with this?

    • Hi Andy,

      Most people just put in a real..but fake website. I.e. a website they don’t own. Amazon do check them out, so find a nice tech blog 🙂 (Not us though!)

  17. Love this software!
    I’ve been up about 40 days and I’m mostly pleased as punch. I am seeing, though, that in some groups I’m not indexing as well as I’d hope. Releases are not being found that I know to exist and which I can find through other indexers who also use this software and index the same groups.
    What gives? Are they adjusting the RegEx themselves or something?

    Really like to know what I might be doing wrong, here.

    • Hi Andy,

      Assuming you’re on the paid version you will get the latest RegEx updates. They’re not too common but they do happen. You can add your own and submit them – don’t know whether user submitted RegEx ever get accepted though!

      If you do decide to create your own RegEx be careful not to overrule existing working ones. I’ve cocked them up in the past and ended up with previously good releases being given the wrong name by a testing RegEx.

      • Hi Andy,

        thanks for the tip, I’ll keep it in mind.

        As to my original question, do you have any explanation for why I’m not seeing releases that other sites are finding? If we’re both using the paid version of Newznab and we’re both indexing the same groups, and we’re both using the same backfill times, why are they indexing content that I’m not finding?
        In fact, let’s name a site specifically. How about yours,
        Why are you able to index releases in a group that I’m not finding?
        Really love some tips!


        • Hey Andy (lots of Andys around here..!)

          We wish Findnzbs was ours, it’s true we have a close relationship but it’s not us.

          To answer your question though, it’s usually just to do with regex’s. Lots of sites have custom regexs that they’ve written themselves/found online.

          Another thing to check is that you’re running the latest version of newznab, have deep rar enabled and have update parsing turned on in edit site.


  18. Step 6 went blank after entering my credentials. I did not change the structure and also restarted the install to be sure. I can load step 7 manually but this it also goes blank after submitting.

    At this point I can load the install pages but nothing else.

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