Plusnet, you have not done me proud

I thought recently I’d change things up a bit and swap from Virgin to Plusnet for my internet at home. I’d heard great things about their customer support and the prices were good – plus we have it in our office it seemed a good choice. It really wasn’t.

I know I gripe on a bit with these posts (but hey, 15,000 people have read my post about Halfords and I got a formal apology and the issue resolved.) It’ll probably be a long ramble so if you can’t be bothered to read it, just look at the bottom picture.

Due to how my Virgin plan was structured I had to cancel it then and there and order a new supplier – nightmare, but heyho. So that’s fine, I filled the form out on Plusnets website and was told it’d be two weeks till BT could come out and install my new shiny internets (*sob*).

Knowing my luck with these sorts of things I decided to phone up on the Friday before the Monday install to make sure everything was okay, the guy said hang on a sec, I’ll take a peek – yep Mr Beech, all is good for Monday. Terrific.

Fast forward two weeks with no netflix, a happy Tom with a day booked off work woke up at 7:30am to make sure he was awake and ready for Mr BT to come visit. A few hours of playing with the dog and watching cruddy TV later no BT man, but I thought i’d give him the benefit of the doubt – they did say between 8am and 1pm anywhoo. 1:15 rolls around…no BT :-(.

Of course, I rang them up straight away to find out what massive catastrophe could have fallen upon this poor BT man, and to find out if I needed to grab the firemen from across the road and go scouring for a bits of BT van strewn around the neighbourhood. Turns out however that the order for BT to go there had been cancelled. Wait, what?

I was asked by Plusnet to ‘sum up my complaint in 400 words or less’ when I was explaining what happened, so here’s my first email with them after calling..

Hi. I had fibre booked to be installed today between 8am-1pm today. I phoned up on Friday to ask where my router was (not turned up) and if everything was still good. I was told a new router would be sent out and that everything was perfect for today install. – Perfect, being in the tech industry being 2 weeks without internet at home isn’t great – but not really much choice there.

Today rolls around and I’m up at 7:30am (after having to take the day off work, which I don’t get paid for ), have a shower and then sit ready for Mr BT engineer to come and install my internet. A lot of sitting around, watching shocking TV (well, can’t get netfix without internet..) and general lounging around goes on until I realise it’s 1:15pm and what do you know. No BT engineer. Go figure?

So I ring your customer support number, after 15mins on hold I get told, sorry it was cancelled but I don’t know why – I’ll put you through to someone else who can tell you more. Perplexed by the situation, I say thanks, okay. 15mins later (after hearing don’t you want me baby 4 times – trust me, I don’t want you) someone answers. I have to commend your friendly staff even though I’m clearly getting angered by the situation. He tells me he’s going to have to look in to it and give me a call back. That’s fine. Annoyingly I was on the phone when he rang so he left a voicemail saying ‘Hi, sorry can’t find out why it’s been cancelled, we’ll put in an expedited new install for you (hooray, another day off work, I’m really glad I’m saving £11 a month for 6 months on this deal – what a bargain!). I phoned back and tried to get through to him but I was basically told ‘don’t know why it was cancelled he’s not available, I can send him a message but he might not ring back’ – what terrific customer service that is. I know the suspense is getting to you…he didn’t ring me back.

So now I’m left angry without internet still, no idea why it didn’t get installed, no idea when it will get installed. No idea if it’ll get magically cancelled next time.

I sent that complaint after reaching out on the phone and tweeting them a couple of things:

I got the usual stuff back on twitter ‘Sorry, not our fault’ – And then someone reached out to me on twitter to tell me of his woes.

I’ll show you what the guy wrote on the ticket when I first rang up to say where is Mr BT:

The Fibre install has failed, please re-place this order and expedite it to the earliest available date.

Land line Tel: **************

Kind regards,

Paul *****


Wow Paul, thanks for that detailed explanation of what’s gone on. You left out the bit where the order was actually cancelled and that I’d made a point of phoning up to check everything was okay before my order – but it’s being expedited, that’s good news.

A bit more toing and froing goes on (mostly toing from me) and I get told about this expedited install. Only 8 days after they should have been there! Fan-bloody-tastic.

But don’t worry, I have my written complaint to be picked up by someone, when that hits surely I’ll be told “Ah man, we dun sure f**ked up with this, they’ll be there tomorrow with a party hat and jelly to make up for this”. No I get the same person who tweeted me saying the following generic message:

Dear Mr Beech,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I’m very sorry to hear that the engineer did not attend to complete the Fibre installation today and that you’ve taken the time off work to be in the property.

Unfortunately we were not made aware when the order was cancelled and therefore did not pass the message on to you. We have now replaced the order and the order is with our dedicated Expedites team and they will not stop monitoring until the order is complete.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and the delay you’ve incurred. Our Expedites team will endeavour to get this resolved for you as soon as possible. Please monitor Ticket: 93355271 for further updates regarding this.

Kind regards,

Linn ******

Well gee, I do sure feel special now! All my anger has completely dissipated and I’m ready to get on with my life! Oh wait, no I’m still mega angry. Out of curiosity I decided to ask at what point BT actually cancelled the order. I can forgive the poor man I rang on Friday to check my order if it happened over the weekend. The question was dodged a few times until I blankly asked in DM on twtter.


Double-you-tee-efff you had access to that information TWO WEEKS ago and you decide to blame BT Openreach for this shambles. Shame on you Plusnet, shame on you. You have not done me proud.

I’ll update this post if the service ever gets activated or Plusnet ever give me a proper answer.

EDIT One – 5pm

So, a nice lady from Plusnet rang me after reading this and apologised some more and says they may be able to get the install done on Friday. I’d like to think it’s because of their flipup, however like the Halfords thing, it all becomes a lot less painful when it’s all out in the open to be read (The stats are already looking good on this page, plus a few websites have already linked to this page, thank nicolas cage for twitter).

I’ll update if BT decide to turn up on Friday.

Edit Two

So I finally got my install done on the Friday, after lots of moaning they came and installed it. They also offered me 3 months free DSL for my trouble. Isn’t that nice.

Edit Three – 2 Months later

Oh, looks like they forgot to do the free dsl. Darn


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