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I bought a TV through Ebuyer last year and recently it’s decided to turn off every now and again which is really frustrating. Fortunately I’ve realised I have a 2 year warranty. Score!

As there is absolutely no (obvious) information on repair time for RepairTech (the people the TV is going to to be repaired),  I thought it would  hopefully be useful to other people in the same situation to  note the turnaround time.

From phone call to collection can be as quick as overnight.

Here is my log:

  • 17/06/2012 – Hanspree rang around 12.40 but I missed the call from a withheld number. They rang again around 4pm to arrange collection for 19th. Potentially if I’d answered or they’d rang back or left a message earlier in the day I could have had it collected on the 18th.
  • 19/06/2012 - My Hanspree TV was collected at 13.30 by DPD to be delivered to RepairTech in Coventry.
  • 04/07/2012 - Hanspree rang to ask if the following day would be OK for delivering my TV.
  • 05/07/2012 – TV arrived back today with absolutely no documentation on what was wrong with it.
  • 06/07/2012 – I emailed late in the day to ask for an explanation on what work had been carried out.
  • 07/07/2012 – Response around 11am – “The engineers found a problem with the picture, and they have replaced an internal part, (main board).”


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