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I normally start these moaning blog posts with a comment on how all I seem to write are posts moaning about things. So with that out of the way, lets get started.

We’ve recently moved offices and we planned on getting a second line installed from Virgin media. We do a lot of backups so having a 150mb line in the office sounded like a no brainer. So about a month before we moved we gave virgin a call who said yep, that’s all fine we’ll arrange a site survey for the 5th of May when you’re in the new office and get the order started. I was impressed with this because i’ve had a few problems with Virgin in the past, but I thought perhaps the business team were a bit more switched on. It’s good to dream, right?

So the 5th comes and a nice chap comes to visit on time and has a 2 second look around the office and says he’s off to look at the cab and he’ll give me a call in the afternoon to let me know how he got on, I guess he must have got lost because I didn’t get a call.

Never mind, the next day I was out with a client in London and missed a phone call from virgin, but after ringing them back we found out the call was to say they didn’t have an update for us. Pretty odd phone call to be honest, even weirder when we also got an email to the same effect.


Odd, but reassuring that they’d be on the ball and let me know what was happening. I think he took it to heart that I didn’t answer his call, as that’s the last we heard from him before I started to chase.

A couple of weeks went passed and I phoned him a few times to get an update, first of all he kept saying he hadn’t had the results back yet from the site survey (2 weeks previous) but I said I doubt that, look harder and he did…

“oh yeah sorry the cab needs to be upgraded.”
“Sure thing, how long does that take? “
“I’ll call you back and let you know”

This has started a running joke in the office as I think we’re up to 4 I’ll call you backs now without a single phone call back. Now in the following sound clip, bare in mind this is after 20 mins of being on hold trying to get hold of him (I don’t think he wanted to talk to me *sadface*) and I was pretty frustrated.

After that phone call I wasn’t particularly¬†convinced but I thought you know, he has to phone back eventually. He even sent me an email promising he would call me on Monday.

v2 copy

No one would be stupid enough to not call back after that surely.

So picture this, Monday night comes around and I’m eating my curry and it hits me, my buddy Mark didn’t call me. He lied! AGAIN! I’d like to say my first reaction was anger but it wasn’t, it genuinely made me laugh. Anger followed on swiftly after though. But you never know what could have happened, Mark could have been sick, he could have overrun with a client or something, lets give him a bit extra time.

So it’s now Thursday, I thought it’d be a good idea to give him a call back to see what’s going on. After 20 mins of being on hold (and being hung up on) I got through to him. It was great, his first comment was I tried to call you, (he clearly didn’t, we log everything!), Oh, I said before I’d email you when I had an update. Come on mate, i’m reading your email you sent me as we speak, saying you’ll definitely contact me on Monday.

Anywhoo, the call goes on, no point getting hung up on phone etiquette. I asked for an update, “Oh well, I emailed the person again and he hasn’t replied” This clearly isn’t an acceptable answer, so I told him that and that if he’s not going to answer an email after 5 times being chased, he probably isn’t going to reply at all. What’s the quote, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” comes straight to mind. I asked him to give them a call and agreed to hold. Of course, they work for Virgin Media, of course they didn’t answer. Although I have my suspicions that Mark just went off for a game of Hambo and hoped I’d hang up in the mean time. But don’t worry, he’s going to call me back tomorrow.

57946308I’ve come across some bad customer service in my time, but this is insane, we’re 2 months in from the initial order, a month in from the site visit and no one can tell me when my line (which people in our building and next door are both using fine, not sure why we can’t) will be installed. If there was an alternative out there I would snap it up straight away.

You know what, I wouldn’t be as upset with the whole situation if they actually gave us updates of whats going on and when they promised to do something,….they did it.

I’ll update as and when they decide to call me back.

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