Why I’ll never use Halfords again

Recently I bought a bluetooth car kit for my car from Halfords, I’ve not had great fun so far trying to get it fitted. So i’ve decided to contact Halfords directly. This post will contain all correspondence (assuming they reply!)

Update 1 (Tues13th – 3pm) I’ve just spent another 25mins on the phone again on hold being transferred. Useless!

Update 2 (Weds 14th – 10am)Almost 5000 views on this blog post in one day, nice. However over an hour and a half on hold yesterday and still no further along. I did however get a message on facebook saying to give a contact number so they could give me a ring to discuss. However no phone call 3 working hours later.

Update 3 (Weds 14th – 12pm) So I’ve had another message from the Social Media team saying they’ve passed the information on and their customer services team will get in contact. If they’re anything like the passing information in the store, no doubt the bike lot are involved somehow and it’ll get lost in the ether.



Update 4 (Weds 14th – 1pm) Huzzah! Someone in Halfords Bracknell answered the phone who wasn’t from the bike team! However, he was on lunch and took my number and is going to ring me back…maybe

Update 5 (Weds 14th – 3:30pm)  He must be one hungry fellow as 2 and a half hours later still no call back!

Update 6 (Weds 14th – 4:40pm) Wow, an actual call! Someones phoned me up (from the actual store – still nothing from Halfords ‘Customer  Services Team’) to say that they have to phone people and find out what my car needs. Sure, it can’t be that hard to find out.

Update 7 (Thurs 15th – 11am) Of course, back to waiting. Still no phone call, still nothing ordered for my car, still no respect for Halfords what so ever. So we’re 3 days after the ‘install’  and STILL the correct parts have not been ordered. I’ve still only spoken to someone for 5 mins in total for the whole situation. So once they’ve found the right part, that’s 4 days for delivery and then waiting for the install lot to come out (maybe another week after that if i’m lucky.). However, this page has now been read 6500 times.

From: Tom Beech
Sent: 13 August 2013 11:41
To: ‘customer.services@halfords.co.uk’
Subject: Not a happy bunny.


I feel compelled to tell you why I’ll never be using Halfords again, so much to the point that I’ll go out of my way to not use Halfords.

On the 30th July I ordered a I/O Play Bluetooth device to be fitted to my car (MG ZT). I was told that it would probably take too long to do in store and that I’d have to use your mobile fitting service to have it installed. Not a problem. I was also told I’ll need two cables for my car (after an inspection). Sure, that’s fine (Although I did choose to buy one elsewhere as I thought £35 for a cable was excessive). The other one I bought through the store (Halfords Bracknell).

I pay up (£212.97) and I’m told I’ll have to wait for my ordered cable to come before I can book my install date, but it’ll only be up to 3 days and I was promised a call. 4 days later I phone the store to see where it is, the answer given was “I don’t know, try tomorrow”. Brilliant, what tip top customer service. So the next day, I ring again, after 3 different times of being put on hold and transferred around the store (It seems that only the bike lot answer the phone) I finally get through to someone who says it’s not in. I then ask okay, where is it? “mm not sure, would you like me to try and find out” – No I’d like you to sing me a song and write me a novella, of course that’s what I want, but of course, I don’t say this I continue with a polite “Yes please, that would be marvellous”. 10 minutes later he comes back with “Oh yeah, it’s here, been here a few days but no label on it.” Tremendous. But I was in a good mood, my kit was in and ready and I could book the installation, which the earliest date was the 12th of August. A bit of a kick in the teeth, but I could wait.

So the 12th comes around, an eager Tom woke up ready for the new day, with a slight sense of joy at the new toy being installed today. 3pm rolls around and a very jolly chap came to fit the kit. I can’t fault him, he was brilliant. Halfway through however he informs me that as my car has the Harman Kardon kit (which came with the car when it was originally bought), Halfords Bracknell have ordered in the wrong sort of connector. Quelle supprise. He informs me that I have to go visit the store, arrange for them to get in the right cable and then get a new install document for them and then re-book my install.

Armed with this information, I visit the store again at about 5:45 last night to explain to them my woes and to just get this sorted now. But of course, the helpline (which they rang the first time before I’d even bought anything) was now closed and I’d have to ring back the next morning. Fabulous. – And of course, they can’t ring me the next day as “we’ll be too busy helping other customers”. I’m not sure helping is the right word there. But I move on, I drive home looking at my shiny new half installed audio kit.

So we’re almost at the end of my short tale, but there’s another twist and turn. You see, I ring the store as instructed, after 5 minutes someone answers the phone, can you guess which department? Our good old friends the bike department. Hooray! I kindly ask to be put through to audio/parts (or anyone who can actually help me), sure thing I’ll put you through. 15 mins later, with just ‘beep beep’ to keep me company, I’m still not through, so I think I know, I’ll try again! I get through to Mr Bike man, who as chirpy as ever tells me “I’m going to go find someone to talk to you”. Perfect, the end is in sight! But no, everyone’s busy but he’ll put me through to Audio. 10 more mins on hold with my good old friend the beep and I give up.

So this is where we end. I’m going to try and phone them later again as I wont be able to visit till after work again.

And this, kind worker of Halfords customer care, is why I’ll never use Halfords again.

Kind Regards,

Tom Beech

So I guess we now wait to see what comes back!



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  1. I think more people should post there troubles with these big corporate companies, The dialog you had with them seems consistent in general with the retail giants, total incompetence form their end.

    I make a effort now days to go out of my way and source from smaller businesses, As long as the price/distance is within a considerate range.

    just make sure you stick with your words and don’t go back!

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